Universal rails for money

with ZK + Bitcoin

We’re expanding global financial access & individual agency through ZK-enabled infrastructure on Bitcoin.
ZK stands for  zero knowledge cryptography

Build on the most resilient foundation

Anchor your application to the most secure man-made structure ever built
We’re leveraging recent upgrades in Bitcoin that have given developers an effective way to build directly on Bitcoin.

Trillion dollars of native BTC to tap into


Countless ASICs scattered across the Earth securing the chain


Nearly a zetta (1021) hash computed every second


Minimalism wins in consensus


Trust simplicity in a high-stakes permissionless environment

A powerful rollup ecosystem on Bitcoin

Build on the layer focused on delivering real-world utility
Coming soon

We’re building a modular rollup layer on Bitcoin to power apps that expand global financial access and bring forth Bitcoin-based financial systems.

Alpen’s parallel R&D efforts
Native ZK Proof Verifiers on Bitcoin
 (necessary for a trustless bridge)
Scalable Payments with ZK Client Side Validation Protocols
Optimistic ZK Bridge for Bitcoin
Our Mission

Financial inclusion & equal access for the entire planet

Scaling Bitcoin’s ethos to build an inclusive financial future for everyday people

Our roots are in the developing world where we’ve first-hand witnessed the great democratization of access and opportunity that the Internet ushered in.

Now, we’re helping build a native set of financial rails for the Internet with ZK + Bitcoin to push the entire world even further towards equal participation.

We’ve partnered with long-term thinkers who share our vision

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